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Periscope is the official app from Twitter to stream using just your Twitter account and an Android. The app works almost exactly like Meerkat, the first app to let you record and broadcast live streams on Twitter.

Besides broadcasting, Periscope also lets you quickly access what other people are streaming. You can see the most popular streams and quickly join them, as well as write comments when you join a broadcast or give hearts to show you like the stream.

Broadcasting with Periscope is as easy as pressing a button. As soon as you press the record button, you start broadcasting, and with just a touch of the screen you can switch between the front and back camera. If someone takes a screenshot of what you're broadcasting, you'll see a tiny flash that notifies you.

In the app's settings you can choose when to receive notifications: when your followers start broadcasting, for instance, or when someone new starts following you.

Periscope is a powerful and lightweight official live streaming app from Twitter. With it, you can broadcast online using just your Twitter account. Finally, its interface is elegant, intuitive, and pretty.
By Taryn
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Requires Android 4.4 or higher